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Welcome to if.else GmbH - Software Development Agency

There are a lot of Agencies - and you may ask: Why us?
Well, the easy answer is: Because we provide Swiss quality and think along. But how can we prove that?

  • "You don't pay bugs"-Guarantee: we test our code - if you still find a bug, we fix it without costs for you #quality!
  • Agile-Contracts: We strive to bring value every day and we are convinced that we do. You can terminate the contract whenever you want.
  • Customer Journeys that win: We think from the user / customer perspective. We have their needs in mind when designing and developing.

A Selection of our References


Together with Swisscom Schweiz AG, we built a fully automated Lead-Generation Tool to akquire Opt-Ins for a fully automated data-driven new customer akquisition.

“if-else GmbH developed & automated our award winning cases.”
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Lead Generation

We created a contest, where you can win different gadgets in real-time, with Sharing Functionalities + Social Media Advertising we generated over 100'000 Leads in 2021.

New Customer Akquisition

Leads are worth nothing if they aren't converted into customers. Thats what we did: And together we won the Swiss Web Awards for Data-Driven Campaigns.


Helping SBB on their journey to a omni-channel siloless Customer Experience Management.

SBB Logo
“Alles in Allem sehr Augen-öffnend, praxisnah und anwendbar. Toll!”
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Marketing Use-Case Workshop

We had the opportunity to lead a Workshop about Trigger Based Use Cases and the general logic behind customer-centric data-driven experience designs.

Automated Marketing Processes

We facilitated the learnings in the Marketing Transformation to a Trigger-Based Marketing System from Swisscom to the SBB Context.


For SKP we created a cloud-based rental software platform which seemlessly interacts with RFID Scanners via a mobile application. It facilitates the reading of material in seconds, without having to scan an explicit Barcode. The solution is called SKPident and is a dedicated solution for the Tent & Event Industry.

“We enjoyed the -all from one hand- appoach: We got the design, the platform, the apps, the backend & hosting from if-else.”
if-else GmbH for SKPident

App Development

We created the app which connects the RFID Scanner with the Rental System: SKPident.

Web Development

We created a Cloud-Based SKPident Software to manage stock & orders, and bulk read material in seconds.

Was wir besonders an der Zusammenarbeit mit if-else und Herrn Blum schätzten:
  • Ihre unglaublichen Kenntnisse bis ins Detail
  • dass Sie immer genau wissen – wo was steht und mit was es im Verhältnis steht
  • dass Sie das Programm mit uns wachsen lassen konnten
  • dass das Programm unseren veränderten Bedürfnissen angepasst werden konnte
  • und dass Sie sehr unkompliziert und entspannt in der Zusammenarbeit sind


Platform: Web Development

For LageB we created a web platform to settle their Educational Institutes.

Scaling & Interoperability

More than 1500 communes are using the platform on different browsers.

edding AG

We implemented a platform for omni-channel marketing activities, including whatsapp & SMS to communicate & react in real-time to lead actions (e.g. whitepaper download) for their marketing innovation lab in the compact printer industry.

The triple layer approach, consisting of an ad-layer, a campaigning layer with real-time dashboards, and an integration layer, helped edding in the area of social media ad managment, marketing automation, data management of personal data and integration into their CRM.

edding AG

edding AG

Lead Generation

Through a combination of digital marketing techniques like exhibition session bookings, contests or multichannel outbound communication, we've helped edding AG to generate and reactivate leads.

Marketing Automation Platform

Together we developed a flexible and DSGVO proved marketing automation platform which integrates with our partner Aivie and provides drag & drop customer journey creation.